Insight into risk for executives and policymakers


From information overload to actionable insight

Mission Statement

The Probity Group identifies and quantifies high-impact risks and high-yield opportunities in complex infrastructure systems. We provide our clients with actionable insights by analyzing vast quantities of data to identify system vulnerabilities with the greatest potential impact on financial performance or mission attainment.

Markets We Serve

The Probity Group’s clients share a common concern: the profound impact that complex system interactions may have on financial performance or mission attainment.

The Probity Group assists private executives and public officials by identifying infrastructure system architectures toward which limited risk mitigation resources can be most effectively directed.

Probity Group clients span the private and public sector, including the following industries and areas:

  1. 1.Industry

  2. Extractives

  3. Mining

  4. Oil & gas

  5. Infrastructure Services

  6. Energy

  7. Telecommunications

  8. Water

  9. Transport

  10. Construction

  11. Industrial

  12. Commercial (including tourism)

  13. Advanced Life Sciences

  14. Agribusiness

  15. (Bio)pharmaceuticals

  16. Nanotechnology

  17. Financial Services

  18. Insurance

  19. Enterprise risk management

  20. 2.Government

  21. Critical infrastructure protection

  22. National security

  23. Domestic and international policy initiatives